How many movies can you watch in a day? Are you into movie marathon? What genre you have in mind? Do you search in the internet for the latest movies?

Here are the Tips to watching an online movie


  • First- Grab your laptop and connect it to the internet. Go to YouTube, type and search movies from year 2012 to year 2017. Or you can just type in a must watch movies and it will just appear in your screen.
  • Second- Make a list, grab your phone if you don’t have pen and paper with you. If you have a memo pad application in your phone, that’s better. Create a list and save it.
  • Third- If you already have the list, search in Google, and find a website that has all the movies that you listed. There are some websites that doesn’t have the movie that you wanted to watch, but it’s rare. If you can’t find it, you don’t have to worry because there are other websites available in the internet.
  • Fourth- Some websites are not available to watch yet, there are tabs that you can see, and it has a tab for a torrent download. If you wanted to download through torrent, you have to install a downloader. If you have a high connection, then expect that you will not wait too long for it to finish. However, if you want other options to, you can find another website for an easy download. There are sites that are already for streaming. No hassles, you can continuously watch it in real time.
  • Fifth- If you wanted to watch the movie again, or there are movies that you have watched before and would want to watch again, you can download it from the screen. Just look for a word “Download” and it will automatically just download itself, and all you have to do is wait.
  • Sixth- If you hated your connection, because it’s running too slow. Then make a troubleshoot, go to the modem or the router, pull the round plug for 10 seconds and connect it again. Then check your connection from your devices and run the download again.