No money in the budget for a movie ticket or an online movie subscription? Don’t get disappointed- as long as you have an internet connection, you can still enjoy a movie night by yourself or with loved ones.

We cannot explain how much entertainment movies give us. The feeling of having the privilege to watch someone else’s imagination, materializing what is on the writers’ mind into a motion picture to communicate beauty, feelings, ideas ,and stories. We are drag to this kind of art because it makes us feel different kind of emotions and amusement.

I have come across plenty of websites or software that require you to register before allowing you to finally watch a movie, or if not ask for an online stream payment before you can access their movies and other shows. Your movie plans don’t have to end there. You don’t have to worry because the World Wide Web offers hundreds of sites for you to explore. You just have to be patient to be able to find the best website that suits requirement. And yes, you get to choose the genre and watch newly release movies or if you want to watch old movies- the website search engine is there to help you out. has more information on the solarmovie.

If you cannot afford to go out to visit a theatre I have a good solution for you, you can try Solarmovie – Stream & Download Free Movies in HD, you will only need:

A gadget (Laptop, Ipad or Tablet, Smartphones or Smart TV)

A good internet connection

And a popcorn to enjoy while watching

Just find a good website and you’re good to go.

Don’t click unusual ads because they might harm your computer. Close it immediately and just continue watching, online streaming requires patience because these ads will continue to pop-upunexpectedly. All you have to do is close them and enjoy your movie.